The Jennings Center Track and Field Complex and new Field Turf at Harmon Field - cONSTRUCTION IS UNDERWAY

Update picture from Sky

Update picture from Sky

What follows is an explanation of the deficiencies of the current Harmon Field complex, and then a breakdown of the proposed solutions, an overview of the plan to modernize the facilities, and the phases of the plan.


Areas of Need

  • Protective railings are not up to current standards.  Rail supports are falling apart.
  • Most aisle surface paint has lifted.
  • Electrical conduits severely corroded.
  • Stadium electrical services are antiquated not up to current electrical code standards.
  • Overhead electrical lines do not meet safety clearances.
  • Track lanes and clearances not up to recommended  standards.

Facilities Improvement Plans

  • Provide New Track & Field North of the Current Location
  • Provide Football Field Improvements and Turf Upgrade
  • Provide New Facility to House Restrooms and Locker Rooms
  • Provide Renovation/Replacement of Concrete Stadium, Seating and Press Box

Steps to Moving the Project Forward

  • Friends of Harmon Field Commitment 
  • School Board’s acceptance that the Plan is feasible
  • Set-up and utilization of an existing non-profit structure
  • Development of sound fundraising and marketing plan



Relocation of Track and Construction of Multi-Use Playing Field

Sequence of Work

  1. Secure Funding
  2. Board Approval
  3. Design of Track & Field Facility
  4. Secure Permits and Approvals
  5. Bidding of Work
  6. Award of Contract
  7. Construction of Project

Anticipated Schedule* (upon funding)

  • Month 1 – Board Approval
  • Month 2 – Topographic Survey of Site & Begin Design
  • Month 3 – Complete Design
  • Month 4 – Secure Approvals
  • Month 5 – Bidding & Award of Contract
  • Months 6, 7 and 8 – Construction

*Anticipated schedule may need to be modified depending on start date of project to avoid winter construction and variables associated with facility use.

Rendering of the proposed fieldhouse

FOHF - Conceptual Track Complex

Uploaded by Harmon Field on 2016-10-13.