Harmon Field and The Jennings Center Track and Field Complex Proejct

Field House Concept
Update picture from Sky

Update picture from Sky

What follows is an explanation of the deficiencies of the current Harmon Field complex, and then a breakdown of the proposed solutions, an overview of the plan to modernize the facilities, and the phases of the plan.


Areas of Need

  • Protective railings are not up to current standards.  Rail supports are falling apart.
  • Most aisle surface paint has lifted.
  • Electrical conduits severely corroded.
  • Stadium electrical services are antiquated not up to current electrical code standards.
  • Overhead electrical lines do not meet safety clearances.
  • Track lanes and clearances not up to recommended  standards.

Facilities Improvement Plans

  • Provide New Track & Field North of the Current Location
  • Provide Football Field Improvements and Turf Upgrade
  • Provide New Facility to House Restrooms and Locker Rooms
  • Provide Renovation/Replacement of Concrete Stadium, Seating and Press Box

Steps to Moving the Project Forward

  • Friends of Harmon Field Commitment 
  • School Board’s acceptance that the Plan is feasible
  • Set-up and utilization of an existing non-profit structure
  • Development of sound fundraising and marketing plan



Relocation of Track and Construction of Multi-Use Playing Field

Sequence of Work

  1. Secure Funding
  2. Board Approval
  3. Design of Track & Field Facility
  4. Secure Permits and Approvals
  5. Bidding of Work
  6. Award of Contract
  7. Construction of Project

Anticipated Schedule* (upon funding)

  • Month 1 – Board Approval
  • Month 2 – Topographic Survey of Site & Begin Design
  • Month 3 – Complete Design
  • Month 4 – Secure Approvals
  • Month 5 – Bidding & Award of Contract
  • Months 6, 7 and 8 – Construction

*Anticipated schedule may need to be modified depending on start date of project to avoid winter construction and variables associated with facility use.

Rendering of the proposed fieldhouse

FOHF - Conceptual Track Complex

Uploaded by Harmon Field on 2016-10-13.