Packed House Attends Harmon Field Ribbon Cutting by Harmon Greenville

Photo by: Gaylen Blosser

Photo by: Gaylen Blosser

By: Gaylen Blosser

August 30, 2017

GREENVILLE – Greenville City Schools jointly with the Friends of Harmon Field held its ribbon cutting ceremony of the newly renovated Harmon field playing field prior to Friday night’s season opening football game with the Eaton Eagles.

“The ribbon cutting ceremony for our new field turf was a great day for our students, school, and community,” said Greenville High School Principal Stan Hughes. “We are very happy that this part of the project is complete and want to thank all of our donors, school officials, and the Friends of Harmon Field for their work, time, and effort to make this dream a reality.”

Friends of Harmon Field was started nearly three years ago by two GHS alums, Matt Light and Jon McGreevey. Their vision and passion along with Friends of Harmon Field committee members: Dave Ernst, Dustin Leis, Mike Henderson, Aaron Shaffer, Ron Holzapfel, Marv Stammen, Jim Poeppelman, John Swallow, Jeff Kniese, Dusty Yingst, Mike Stegall, Larry Ullery, Kyle Kagey along with all the donors, including individuals, families, local business, corporations, organizations and local and state governments made the project possible.

“It is very exciting to me to see the project come together, coming from the vision of Matt Light and Jon McGreevey over 3 years ago,” said committee member Dave Ernst. “Personally, I have been asked why do we need this project, I answer very quickly, ‘because the kids and the community deserve it.’ It is time to honor the past, but prepare for the future. We are only half way complete, help us get to the finish line.”

The Friends of Harmon Field also thanked Greenville City Schools for the cooperation and financial involvement in the project.

Mote and Associates (criteria engineer) Mike Henderson and Mat Veneable, Oberer Thompson and CEC Engineering were also recognized.

“The ribbon cutting ceremony was just a great way to finalize this phase of the project,” said Greenville Athletic Director Dusty Yingst. “All the different individuals that were there had a different part in the project whether it was a donation, or being on the committee, or the school board, or the administration.”

Long-time Greenville City Schools employees Kyle and Ginny Kagey were surprised when they were called on the cut the ‘ceremonial ribbon’ to open the New Harmon Field. Kyle and Genny are the proud owners of both goal line totaling 106 yards of Harmon Field.

“We definitely surprised the Kageys,” said Yingst. “I don’t know if Kyle would have done it if we didn’t surprise him. It was a very nice gesture for those individuals who thought to surprise the Keagys and have them cut the ribbon.”

“I thought it was fitting for the project with everything that Ginny and Kyle have done for the school district and everything they mean to the school and this community. I don’t think they always know what they mean to a bunch of us. It was great to see those two get to cut the ribbon.”

“It has been three years since Friends of Harmon Field started and tonight we cut the ribbon marking the completion of the initial phase of the entire project,” Ernst said. “The Jennings Center Track and Field Center is scheduled to be completed by October 1st with its opening the spring of 2018.”

“Friends of Harmon Field along with Greenville City Schools will have completed the first two phases of the project,” concluded Ernst. “Friends of Harmon Field would like to thank all of the donors to the project.”

Old Track Used in New Track Saves Community Dollars. by Gaylen Blosser June 5-2017 by Harmon Greenville

GREENVILLE – Large equipment moved into place at 7:00 a.m. Monday morning and soon had the former track ready for use in construction of the new track, saving the Friends of Harmon Field project a nice amount financially.

Greenviille School Board Member Dave Ernst talks financial side of new Greenville Sports Complex. (Gaylen Blosser photo)

“They were here bright and early this morning grinding up the track,” said Greenville Athletics Director Dusty Yingst. “They will then use the grindings here from the track to lay on the new track as part of that sub-base.”

“Two purposes,” explained Greenville School Board Member and Friends of Harmon Field steering committee member Dave Ernst of the track removal. “One, they can re-purpose all this track – the six lanes around Harmon Field, save time, money, energy and use it into the base layer underneath the field turf system.”

“It is kinda neat. Oberer Thompson brought that to us as a cost savings measure to be able to use the actual grindings from the existing track,” said Yingst. “That’s truck loads and truck loads of gravel that we don’t have to bring in now.”

With the old track used as the base for the new track, Greenville athletes will continue to run on the old six lane Harmon Field track long into the future.

“It (old track) will lay underneath the new track,” noted Yingst. “It is pretty neat. It’s a piece of history that’s going into the new track.”

While the track was being pulverized, large equipment began tilling the existing natural grass football and soccer field for removal to make ready for the new artificial turf field.

“We are pulverize the track and tilling the field for removal,” explained Oberer Thompson Job Superintendent Mike Beam.

“Score board will stay where it’s at,” Yingst explained of the construction process. “The bell will stay where it’s at. The flag pole will stay where it’s at on the south end. They will remove both play clocks to do their work and then they will re-install the play clocks in the same spot.”

“Goal posts come out,” added Yingst. “Brand new goal posts coming in. Two brand new portable soccer goals will come with that as well. We’ll have the traditional gooseneck field goals now and portable soccer goals that we can push around and move.”

With the new track and the new turf at the existing football stadium, Greenville’s new facility is only halfway to completion physically and financially.

“We have the first two phases under way with the track and the field turf system but the field house and the stadium are the next two phases,” explained Ernst. “We’re halfway to our goal. We still need between 2.5 and 3-million dollars.”

“Anybody has questions or donations or where to send their check – or on twitter,” Ernst said. “Reach out to either Dusty Yingst at the high school, myself; Dave Ernst 459-7967. I would be glad to answer any questions, take checks, donations, work out payments.”

Ernst also noted, “Naming rights for the field turf system, the field house and the stadium itself,” are still available.

“Any way people can help would be greatly appreciated,” added Yingst.

PHOTO CAPTION: The track pulverization is completed Monday at Harmon Field. (Gaylen Blosser photo)

The Jennings Center Track and Field Complex Groundbreaking - By Gaylen Blosser Blue Bag Media by Harmon Greenville

GREENVILLE – The Greenville City Schools jointly with the Friends of Harmon Field held its groundbreaking Ceremony for the new Greenville Sr. High Track and Field Complex.

The new facility will be known as The Jennings Center Track & Field Complex, thanks to the generous donation of Brad Jennings, a GHS alum, along with his family.

“It means a lot,” Jennings told the Early Bird of the groundbreaking. “Coming from Greenville and being able to come back and make this kind of contribution – it’s been long-coming for Greenville.”

“I think it kinda soaked in a little bit when they were doing the ground breaking,” Jennings noted. “It’s special.”

Dave Ernst, a member of the Friends of Harmon Field steering committee, welcomed guests and friends, and introduced the lineup of speakers while thanking the Greenville Board of Education, The Friends of Harmon Field and contributors.

“This is for the children, this is for the community, this is for the schools,” said Ernst. “(Friends of) Harmon field was basically started on a whim by two gentlemen – Jon McGreevey and Matt Light approximately three years ago.”

“We really appreciate The Friends of Harmon Filed and what they have done here,” said City of Greenville Mayor Steve Willman. “We are groundbreaking the Jennings center track and field complex.”

Greenville City Schools Superintendent, Doug Fries is pleased with the direction the school is moving to benefit the community’s students and athletes.

“It is our pleasure to continue to move the facilities and the building and grounds forward for the enhancement of our programs for our students,” Fries noted. “I thank The Friends of Harmon Field for their dedication in leading the project and their leadership, but I thank the community for their involvement and trying to help in any way that they can. We’re looking forward to moving this project forward.”

“The ground breaking ceremony this afternoon marks the commencement of three years of hard work by many in this fine community and the Jennings family,” said GHS Principle Jeff Cassell. “This new track and turf on the stadium field will provide a safe and state of the art facility that will bring pride to the school and the community.”

“What a day for Greenville City Schools, Greenville athletics and the community of Greenville,” Greenville Athletics Director Dusty Yingst said. “These two projects here will put us right with other facilities that we regularly compete at and will provide for our students and community now and many years into the future.”

“I would like to thank Mr. Jennings who is with us here today with his family. For his commitment to this project and his willingness to jump-start the process to where we are today. Words cannot describe how grateful we are to him and his family.”

“Your family will always be remembered for this commitment with the track and field facility proudly being named the Jennings Center Track and Field Complex,” Yingst told the Jennings family. “This is something Greenville will be proud of for many years to come.”

“I want to thank the Jennings family and all the donors,” said Mike Henderson of Mote and Associates. “Without your help this would not be possible.”

GHS Track and Field Head Coach Bill Plessinger has been at the helm of the program for 22 years and is exited for the new facility to be used by his student athletes for the 2018 track season.

“This is by far the most exciting thing that has happened to this program in 22 years,” said Plessinger. “This facility will not only be a great asset to the track program, the football program, all the kids in school, but also to the community of Greenville. It’s been a long time coming and we will make you proud.”

GHS alum and Head Football Coach Aaron Shaffer will have new turn for his 2017 Friday night home games with a new football stadium and facilities to come at a later date as funds become available.

“This project has become a source of pride for our community,” Shaffer stated. “Today we stand here to symbolically break ground on a complex that will serve our students and community for generations to come.”

“I personally take great pride in my home town and alma mater,” added Shaffer. “Greenville is a special place, is a great place to live, work and raise a family. Our community takes great pride in its schools and athletics. The Friends of Harmon Field and the Greenville City School District are committed to providing our students and community with an athletic complex that is both state of the art and safe.”

The Friends of Harmon Field Steering Committee includes: Dave Ernst, Mike Henderson, Jeff Kniese, Dustin Leis, Jon McGreevey, Nick Shuckman, Jim Poeppelman, Matt Light, Mike Stegall, Ron Holzapfel, Larry Ullery and Aaron Shaffer.

To learn more about Friends of Harmon Field or to make a contribution to the stadium project visit:

Thank You! by Harmon Greenville



  • Belichick Foundation - $10,000
  • Light Foundation - $15,000
  • WhirlPool - $15,000
  • City of Greenville - $9,000
  • Second National Bank- $80,000
  • GRANT - State of Ohio - $250,000
  • Brown Family Foundation - $2000
  • Brothers Publishing - $100


  • Daniel and Jenifer Berger -$6000
  • Jean Sims
  • Lowell Miller
  • In Memory of Lowell Arnold $50.00
  • Debby Booker Sodders (GHS Class of 1969)
  • Anonymous donor - $500
  • Kenton Fourman - $500
  • Jon and Misty Everman $250
  • Diane Amick - $1000
  • Donna Gasper - $250
  • Jennifer Bertram - $100
  • Connie (Hoover)Weatherford - $1000
  • Mark and Mary Warner - $5000
  • Gary and Sally Zechar -$5000

Turf Sponsors

  • Mark and Cindy Libert     3 yards of turf - $300
  • Kyle and Virginia Kagey - Goaline of Turf - $5,300
  • Jeff Shilt - 2 Yards - $200 
  • Dave Ernst 1 yard - $100
  • Carol Kagey 1 Yard of turf - $100 In honor of Daniel Kagey Class of 1993
  • Don Schafer 1 yard of turf - $100 In honor of Coach McGreevey
  • Jon and Misty Everman - $100 1 yard of Turf In honor of Amanda Everman-Sudhoff '95
  • George and Becky Luce - $5300 - 50 Yard Line
  • Michael Buell - $100
  • Thomas Deeter - $100
  • BC Warner Inspections $200
  • Donald York - $100
  • Ed and Gloria Ault - $100 In honor of Troy Ault call of '91
  • Jack and Pat Brandt - $200 In honor of Betty Silvers
  • American Legion POST 140 - $1000
  • Ted Strait - $1000 In honor of children/grandchildren GHS Alums
  • Wayne and Kathy Marker $1000

Greenville Harmon Friends Seek Funding For New Sports Complex by Harmon Greenville

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GREENVILLE — The Friends of Harmon Field is hoping the Greenville community, as well as residents of Darke County, will “claim their turf,” as the group’s plan to renovate the school’s outdoor athletic facilities has reached a critical stage.

Members of the group were at Harmon Field Wednesday night, discussing the status of their plans and presenting ways people can help finance the project, which seeks to rebuild or renovate the high school’s outdated and deteriorating track, football field, stadium and field house.

The school’s track, the first phase of the project, is of the most immediate concern.

Greenville High School Track Coach Bill Plessinger, noting the track’s poor condition, and the fact it is only six lanes in comparison to the standard eight lanes, said the school’s track has become “a joke.”

“We have the worst facility in southwest Ohio,” he said. “We have the worst facility in Darke County. We have the worst track in the GWOC (Greater Western Ohio Conference). We are so far behind the times.”

Plessinger said the track’s half-inch running surface has worn down to one-eighth of an inch, and is non-existent on some parts of the track. He also pointed out his concerns for the safety of the athletes, as they are more prone to injury, such as shin splints, due to the hard surface.

According to Dave Ernst, in order to accommodate track and field competitions in the spring, construction of a new track facility to the north of the existing field will need to begin very soon.

“We have to have payment down before it gets below 40 degrees. So an estimate is, by October 15, we have to have eight lanes down,” he said. “We’re about $350,000-$400,000 away. We’ve got to get that done by the middle of September so we can break ground, get it compacted, get it leveled, and go.”

The Greenville Board of Education has earmarked $400,000 towards the project if Friends of Harmon Field can raise $1 million. Other large corporate donations collected so far include $10,000 from the Belichick Foundation, $15,000 from the Light Foundation, $15,000 from Whirlpool, $80,000 from Second National Bank, $9,000 from the City of Greenville, and a $250,000 grant from the State of Ohio.

Committee members say one way in which individuals in the community can help is by buying a piece of Harmon Field. Donors may purchase a square yard of Harmon Field’s turf for $100, becoming “honorary deed holders” for that square yard.

“There’s 9,200 yards of field turf. That’s $920,000. We don’t need that much, but that’s how much is out there,” Ernst said. “You may not be able to see exactly where it’s at on the field, but you’re going to know ‘I got a yard of turf.’”

Ernst said he hopes the community looks at the Harmon Field project much as it did when Greenville City Schools asked for the new K-8 school building.

“Greenville’s proud of what we’re building out there for the K-8 facility, and the community said ‘Hey, you know what, the kids deserve that, they need the best that we can give them,’” he said. “It took 10 years to get that passed, but finally, the community said ‘Hey, we’re behind it, let’s get it done, we’re proud of that.’ I don’t think there’s anybody that can say that they’re proud of this facility.”

For more information on the project or how to donate, visit

The writer may be reached at 937-569-4314. Join the conversation and get updates on Facebook search Darke County Sports or Advocate 360. For more features online go to

Erik Martin | The Daily Advocate

FOHF - Informational Meeting by Harmon Greenville

Friends of Harmon Field will hold a Public Meeting at 7:00PM on August 10, 2016 at Good Samaritan Stadium at Harmon Field.  The purpose of this meeting is to share information with the community concerning the progress, direction, and the goals of the project.  Friends of Harmon Field committee members will be on hand to answer questions and discuss phases of the project. Friends of Harmon Field would like to invite the community to the meeting, following the annual “Back the Wave”

Please come out and learn more about the project and become a Friend of Harmon Field. Our Goal is to honor the past and build for the future.  



Kageys Purchase Wave Goal Line - By Gaylen Blosser by Harmon Greenville

GREENVILLE – Coach Kyle and Ginny Kagey recently purchased the goal line at Harmon Field, home of the Green Wave football and track teams for $5,400 while giving back to their community and showing their support of Friends of Harmon Field.

“It’s really neat to have Coach and Mrs. Kagey take some of the pride in all the work that they have done here as employees of the district and all the great things they have done in their time here to come out and support this project the way they have is phenomenal,” said Greenville football coach Aaron Shaffer. “We have a lot of great alumni, we have a lot of great community support but you are not going to find a better pair of Green Wave than Coach and Mrs. Kagey.”

Together, the Kageys have well over 70 combined years of teaching and coaching in the Greenville School system.

“We are part of the process here,” said Kyle Kagey. “We both worked for Greenville City Schools forever. Thirty plus years for Ginny and over 40 plus for me… plus we are graduates. Ginny’s brothers played sports and I played sports.”

“Our parents played sports here,” added Ginny.

“All our games were here, but times change,” said coach Kagey. “Things need updated and this is in desperate need of updating. I am hoping more and more people choose to get involved and support it, particularly money wise.”

“I figure Greenville got help with what is currently here…the stadium,” said Ginny Kagey. “Greenville needs Greenville people to join in. We were fortunate enough to be in the WPA Project, President Roosevelt, they made the stadium that was given to Greenville.”

The purchase price of each square yard of turf is $100.00. By purchasing a square yard of turf the purchaser will be the honorary deed holder of a square yard of turf while supporting the new Greenville stadium project.

With the goal line measuring 54 yards in length, the Kagey’s turf purchase amounted to $5,400 with the funds going to the “Friends of Harmon Field” project.

“Fifty-four yards, $5,400,” said Friends of Harmon Field Steering Committee member Jon McGreevey. “It’s a great donation.”

“We have been fortunate with Representative Buchy’s help and with the help of many of other public officials, we were able to get a grant from the State of Ohio for $250,000.00,” McGreevey stated. “We have already been approved for that. There have been some other people that have already stepped up and given donations.”

“Our website has those listed as well,” added McGreevey. “It’s really getting geared up and we’re excited with how the community has responded so far and we want to keep working towards it.”

Harmon Field was constructed prior to World War II as a W.P.A. project sponsored by the City Park Commission and Greenville City Board of Education with the stadium being dedicated in 1937.

When constructed, the stadium was state of the art and served as one of the finest facilities in the area and state, but over time and almost 80 years later, the aging stadium has seen its best days.

“Having a three thousand seat place and two years later they had the lights up in ’39…night games back in the late ‘30s and ‘40s coming out of the depression…there weren’t many stadiums that would have had lights,” said Coach Kagey.

“Harmon Field obviously has a special place in my heart having played here and now coaching here,” said Coach Shaffer. “This facility in its time was top notch, but over the years through weathering and actually to some degree lack of construction technology, the stadium itself is starting to deteriorate.”

“It’s not something like it’s going to fall in on itself tomorrow but we can’t wait,” continued Shaffer. “It’s time for us to stand up and do something to give the future generations of Green Wave the opportunities that this same stadium gave many athletes before.”

“With the new facility we are giving our kids the best opportunities possible in terms of playing surface and training facilities whether it be a weight room or training room, even their locker room and shower facilities,” Shaffer said. “Those things are all very important as we try to develop our young people into productive adults.”

“There is a lot to be learned in sports and teamwork and dedication and dealing with adversity. All those things are learned in a lot of different places but you learn those things really firsthand in difficult situations, sometimes in athletics.

“For us to be able to try to provide our kids with the facility that may be able to enhance that sense of teamwork, pride and a belief in our community, those things are all important,” said Shaffer. When we can get this facility done, I think it is going to be something that our community is going to be real proud of.”

“It’s going to be a great facility and we want to get started,” Coach Kagey said. “Even though this is for the turf, we want to get this track started here this summer…before summer is over. Hopefully if we can get some finishing touches and money to get that process started and when people see it’s actually happening, our hope is that more people are going to start to jump on board. That’s what we want to have happen.”

“There are a lot of ways people can get involved,” said McGreevey. “We have a web site that people can donate on line now. The field turf is one of the projects. Cost of the turf in one hundred dollars per yard and they get a deed to it as well.”

Visit to learn more about the stadium project and to make a donation.


PHOTO CAPTION: Pictured from right to left are Dustin Leis, Aaron Shaffer, John Swallow, Dave Ernst and Darren Leis. (Clinton Randall photo)

PHOTO CAPTION: Pictured from right to left are Dustin Leis, Aaron Shaffer, John Swallow, Dave Ernst and Darren Leis. (Clinton Randall photo)

Second National Bank (SNB) recently donated $80,000 to the Friends of Harmon Field (FHF) fundraising campaign. The FHF is a group of supportive citizens wishing to help make major improvements to the existing Greenville High School football stadium and track, which is in dire need of an upgrade.

“Second National Bank is pleased to be able to once again help Greenville Schools and the community through our donation to the Friends of Harmon Field,” stated SNB President John Swallow. “This is a great project that our community is getting behind and we are happy to be a supporter.”

The overall project will cost approximately $5 million, which will be separated into several construction phases. A list of project phase details and more can be found at

“The goal right now is to get to the $1 million mark so the track move project can get underway sometime this fall and hopefully be ready for spring of 2017,” explained FHF committee member Dustin Leis.

According to Darren Leis, who handles publicity marketing for FHF, the group has to-date received over $370,000 towards the project. As part of the fundraising campaign, the committee will be mailing out information to the citizens and businesses of Greenville to spark additional financial support through private and business contributions.

Stay in the loop with the project campaign and more on the Friends of Harmon Field Facebook page at and on Twitter @friendsofharmon.


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PHOTO CAPTION: Dick Brown (left) and Keith Foutz (right) give donations to Dave Ernst and Aaron Shaffer. (Gaylen Blosser photo)

PHOTO CAPTION: Dick Brown (left) and Keith Foutz (right) give donations to Dave Ernst and Aaron Shaffer. (Gaylen Blosser photo)

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May 5, 2016 by Bluebag Media -


GREENVILLE – A $100 donation turned into a $2,000 donation when Dick Brown and Keith Foutz came together at the GHS Alumni Reunion. Foutz and Brown had discussed where they were going to give a $100 donation and both decided it should go to the Friends of Harmon Field and the renovation project at the stadium. A week later, Brown gave Foutz a call to announce he had raised $2,000 from individuals in the community.

The Harmon Field project will completely restore the complex that was built in 1937. The stadium is need of major improvements and the running track is not up to code. Team and visitor locker rooms are several blocks away and concessions are in need of an upgrade. Plus, the bathroom facilities are not handicap accessible.

The projected will be completed over a 3-4 year period. The target date for the completion of the eight-lane track and multi-purpose playing field is late 2016, followed by the football/soccer stadium and fieldhouse construction, which should be completed in 2017-2018.

For more information and updates, visit or

Matt Light to present Greenville with NFL Golden Commemorative Football by Harmon Greenville

GREENVILLE – Greenville native and three-time Super Bowl champion Matt Light will return to his hometown to present the NFL Super Bowl High School Honor Roll award to his high school alma mater.

He will present the award at Greenville High School prior to the Green Wave’s home football game against Sidney on Friday.

In honor of the 50th Super Bowl year, the NFL is presenting all high schools, with player or head coach alumni (honorees), with a golden football commemorating the Super Bowl years of their former graduate. The footballs will have the honoree’s name and years they appeared in a Super Bowl game. Their initiative aims to celebrate high schools, players, coaches and the communities which have shaped student athletes through the game of football.

“It is an honor to be able to present this award to my high school,” Light said. “They allowed me to play football and instilled great values, which I still carry with me. The NFL is doing a great service by recognizing the schools and communities which shaped their current and former athletes. Giving back is what it is all about, and this is a unique way to give back to the roots of our game.”

This Super Bowl High School Honor Roll program will become an annual tradition in the NFL so they can continue linking the past with the present and honor those making a positive impact on the game of football. Light continually looks to promote this same attitude – especially in Greenville. He hosts a yearly football camp through his nonprofit, The Light Foundation, to assist the high school and community in shaping future football stars. He focuses a lot of his endeavors on giving back to his hometown.

Currently, Light is involved in a related initiative in Greenville – a member of the committee for the Friends of Harmon Field – which is raising money to rebuild the high school’s football field and adjacent facilities. Light said that Harmon Field is a landmark in the area that deserves a shining presence to match the school’s newly acquired NFL Golden Football.

“This project provides an opportunity for our city to showcase its pride through the high school and leave a legacy for the future generations who will use Harmon Field,” he said.

Light has even called upon his professional football contacts by bringing in his former coach’s help. The Bill Belichick Foundation, founded by Coach Belichick in 2013 to help provide student-athletes financial assistance and to fund schools and community organizations that provide youth with increased access to lacrosse and football, has awarded Friends of Harmon Field with a $10,000 grant. The Belichick Foundation’s donation is the first contribution toward the goal of $5 million – what it will take to completely upgrade, rebuild and modernize the current outdated facility.

“We’re thrilled to be able to help Matt in his efforts to not only maintain but grow the game of football in his hometown of Greenville, Ohio,” Belichick said. “He’s always been passionate about giving back to the community he lives in and is willing to roll up his sleeves to do it. The Belichick Foundation is very happy to support the Friends of Harmon Field.”

Light said he appreciates the opportunity to tie in the commemoration ceremony with his efforts to promote the game that has brought him so much.

“Greenville is a humble place where community shines and where the residents take great pride in their accomplishments,” he said. “I’m excited to share this NFL Golden Football with them as they continue to develop not only great football prospects — but great people.”